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Dedicated to quality pallets and service from the beginning

Beverly Pallet Co., Inc. has been in the pallet business for over 35 years. Started in Beverly back in 1978, our facility grew and moved to our current location in 1984: a 1.5 acre lot with a 7500 square foot building.


At Beverly Pallet Co., Inc. our commitment to integrity doesn't end with our customers. We are a family run business with family values. 3 of our employees have been with us for over 20 years and our most recent hires have been with us for 5. We know that when you treat people well they do good work. Unlike many of our competitors who pay for piece-work, our team is paid hourly and provided with benefits. Even, Pete, our retired foreman, after being with us for 10 years, comes back to lend a hand now and then.


Our facility is equipped to meet your needs with a no hand lifting and sorting system, automated stacker, Deckmaster board remover, smart bandsaw dismantler, trim saw, six power hand jacks, a kiln for heat treating, and a paved storage yard.

Pallet delivery in a safe and timely manner

When delivering your order, pallets are loaded into one of our 7 dry-box trailers or an open flat bed to ensure accommodation for any order. Our staff takes pride in providing you with high-quality service that is completed within 2 days of your request.

Beverly Pallet Co Inc.

Fully equipped and functional facility

  • NELMA certified ISPM 15 heat treating facility

  • 7500 square foot building

  • 1.5 acre lot

Delivery in a safe and timely manner

Are you looking to buy, sell, or heat treat pallets for proper export? We buy and sell pallets of various sizes and can even make custom sizes to fit your needs. Our heat treatment is performed promptly to ensure that your order is ready as soon as possible.

Call for info on pallets in stock and time frame for treatment completion.



Heat Treatment

Custom Pallets

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