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Service, Quality, & Integrity


In today's business world it can be tempting to cut costs at every turn but that can come at a price. In deciding who to buy your pallets from ask yourself these questions.


1. Will I get what I paid for.

2. Will it be delivered on time every time.

3. Will the pallets be repaired to my standards.


With Beverly Pallet Co., Inc. the answer will always be, yes. As the only heat treating facility on the Northshore come to the company with over 35 years of industry experience.




Custom Pallets

Heat Treatment

No matter the size or material-type of pallet you’re looking for,

our inventory is sure

to suit your needs.

Get rid of your unwanted and unused pallets by selling them to us or having them removed from

your property.

Our certified ISPM 15 heating treating facility can eliminate bugs from your pallets and help prepare them for export.

If our inventory of pallets doesn’t include the size you need, we can build custom ones to your specifications.

Certified by the NELMA

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